Katie, Nineteen, Belfast Northern Ireland. Instagram: xkatieellis

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Does anyone actually know how many times to peirce the film lid of a microwaveable meal because I just go crazy and stab it a million times

freshprinceofbelbear: you have a superb music taste.

Thank you!

Ewww I’ll be 20 in twelve and a half weeks, time will fly in.

I’m in a never ending cycle of making lists of things to do in life and then never having the motivation to start doing them.

ofjordon: I swear you are fucking perfect

Oh no, far from perfect but thanks!

eightlivesdown: wow ok so you're gorgeous

Aw thank you!

You know you’ve got a noisy neighbour when you’ve been woken up from your sleep by her shouting at her kids the whole way from the bottom of her garden! What the hell lady.

purrfects: Hello i just wanted to let you know I think you are the most beautiful girl on tumblr :3

Oh no way! Thank you though!